Welcome to Lun, a small village located at the northernmost part of the island. The island of Pag is one of the five largest Croatian islands, but what makes it unique is its indented coastline which makes it a definite must visit in Croatia. Barron and rocky ground with vast empty landscapes, olive gardens and patches of shrubs paint the characteristic picture of Pag.

Lun is a fishing village in a small bay where you will find a variety of fishing and excursion boats docked. The ideal quiet location and specific scenery featuring an interesting botanical garden of olive groves make Lun a favorite destination for many world travelers seeking a relaxing and restorative holiday.

What does Lun have to offer to its visitors?

First and foremost, there is peace and tranquility that make a perfect setting for an intimate vacation for the whole family, couples or individuals seeking to escape everyday rush and routine. Lun offers much needed peace and quiet, interrupted only by the occasional sound of waves, birds, seagulls, fishing boats and charming petty quarrels of the local fishermen. The scent of nature, rosemary, olives, sea salt and traditional fish and lamb dishes will help you make memories you’ll cherish for life.

Charming little beaches will lure you in and make you spend all day sunbathing, swimming and just enjoying the beautiful nature and all the healing effects Adriatic Sea has to offer.

The natural charm of this small place leaves no one indifferent and for a complete experience don’t forget to visit the famous ancient amphitheater and magnificent olive gardens.

Lun olive gardens and amphitheater

Olive gardens of Lun are the famous natural jewel and a symbol of magnificent natural heritage of Adriatic and the entire Mediterranean. An amazing story that has began more than 1000 years ago has been recognized by world cultural authorities and awarded with the title of UNESCO protected heritage in 2013. More than 80.000 of wild olive trees – with the oldest one originating 1600 years ago – have endured all types of weather conditions and natural hazards and are considered a rarity today, not only of Pag and Croatia but the of the entire Mediterranean. Visiting Lun olive gardens gives every visitor an opportunity to explore their unique story of existence and to experience the magical power of this charming village.

Renovation projects for better preservation of Lun olive gardens are constantly underway and recently there was an opening of a presentation center and an amphitheater, which fit perfectly into the natural surroundings of Lun olive gardens.  The grand opening of the amphitheater took place at the dawn of one peaceful and beautiful summer day to the tune of perfect sounds of famous Croatian cellist Ana Rucner. Her performance of well-known classical and modern compositions highlighted the potential of this beautiful site as the setting for similar concerts and performances in the future.

All the beauties and curiosities of this small picturesque village will make a collage of beautiful memories you will take with you and hold deer long after your vacation is over. So now that you know all this, the only thing left for you to do is to give us a call and book your accommodation with us as the first step towards enjoying the perfect holiday. You know where to find us!

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