Our house is located on the island of Pag, in a small village located in the northernmost part, at the far end of the island of Pag. There are 3 different ways to reach the island, depending on the type of transportation you choose and the direction you come from:

  • Ferry connection Prizna-Žigljen

    The distance between Prizna and Rijeka is 128 km. The ferry connects Prizna to Žigljen and the ride takes about 15 minutes. During the summer season there are 4 ferries 24/7. Once you get off the ferry, follow the road that leads to Novalja.

    • Pag bridge form Zadar


If you‘re arriving from the direction of Zadar, follow the signs that say Pag. First you have to cross the Pag Bridge, after which you will get to the city of Pag and then continue straight until you reach the city Novalja.

When you reach Novalja, take the exit for Lun that is 19 km away from Novalja. Lun is the northernmost village on the island of Pag. When you arrive to Lun you’ll descend towards the sea and reach the bay Tovarnele – this is where our house by the sea is located (address: Tovarnele no.15)

  • Catamaran line Rijeka-Novalja

Throughout the year there’s a catamaran line from Rijeka to Novalja. If you choose to reach the island this way, when you come to the center of Novalja you will see a bus station in front of the catamaran. During the season, minivan/bus can take you to every village on the island, including Lun. The price is 28 kn for one direction ticket. Minivan/mini bus will take you to the center of Lun and our house is just a 5-minute walk away.

Regardless of the type of transportation you choose, feel free to contact us for all questions you might have on how to get here. We are looking forward to your arrival 🙂


Matea beach house

Tovarnele 15, 53294 Lun, Croatia

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